VenuesWest, Australia

Case Study

VenuesWest, Australia
Case Study

VenueWest operates and manages 13 of Western Australia’s premier sports and entertainment venues on behalf of the Government of Western Australia.
With over four million visitors a year, VenuesWest plays an increasingly important role in the lives of Western Australians by offering opportunities for those pursuing elite sport, a range of options for individuals or families choosing to live healthy and carry out active lifestyles, and a variety of entertainment experiences for all West Australians.

Their portfolio of assets is currently valued around $1 billion and continues to grow and employs over 200 full-time equivalent staff, located across the majority of its venues.

The Challenge

It was important that VenuesWest has a timely and accurate Risk Management system that is off-the-shelf, fit for purpose solution. The client was looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution to manage their strategic and operational risk across these venues.

Our Solution

CAMMS provided a solution that is well placed to deal with the changing needs of VenuesWest overtime and is a proven scalable solution. The CAMMS offering incorporates full automation of its proposed solution package, providing a contemporary commercial-off-the-shelf solution that enables all VenuesWest users involved in risk management to access a user friendly interface to build plans and generate reports. cammsrisk and cammsincident has helped them achieve this.

Key features of the CAMMS solution include:

  • Risk profiling and ongoing risk management
  • Highly sophisticated reporting capabilities
  • Simple, friendly and intuitive end user interface

But that’s not all, VenueWest has also been able to use cammsrisk during the development and construction of the massive Optus Stadium project in Perth – a 60,000-seat arena that can host a variety of sports including AFL, rugby, football (soccer), cricket as well as other entertainment events.

“It’s a complex task, managing risk across so many venues, and also managing risk on a venue that was under construction. But the CAMMS product has made the whole process much simpler,
The system is simple, effective, easy to use and affordable. It actually makes people want to use the system which is great for the organisation and great for me as the Risk Manager.  Cammsrisk delivers exactly what was expected – and promised. Executive feedback has been extremely positive especially about the quality of the reports that the system is able to generate.”

John Sawka, Risk, Safety and Wellbeing Manager,

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