Governance and


Governance and Compliance

We’ll help you understand exposures and areas of non-compliance – and drive business action as legislation changes.

Obligation Libraries

We enable organizations to establish obligation libraries across legislative, procedural, regulatory and policy-based obligations. This supports the effective assessment and documentation of non-compliance and dissection and analysis of results.

Library sources

We work with our partners to source and provide organizations with detailed obligation libraries based on global legislation and regulation. In doing so, cammsrisk provides a significant time and cost saving to organizations seeking to understand their required compliance activity


Document remedial actions and regular tasks to be undertaken to ensure ongoing compliance – and assign to staff for reporting and tracking.

Questionnaires and Checklists

Questionnaires and practical guidance can be essential for staff with little knowledge of compliance activity to effectively assess, understand and contextualize what compliance ‘looks like’ within your organization.

Documentation and Evidence

As assurance activities typically require an evidence based assessment, you can attach substantiating documentation locally or link this to your content management platform.

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Dashboards and Reporting

Understanding compliance at a global view is critical within any business. Our in-built dashboards and self-serve reporting engine, cammsinsights, enable you to establish management and committee based dashboards to support the analysis of your organization’s compliance profile.


Frequency-based attestations can be established and captured within the solution allowing clear line-of-sight reporting and accountability to be established to ensure ongoing compliance and the accuracy of information.

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