Incident and

Event Management

Incident and Event Management

We will allow you to report actual incidents and near misses as they happen, conduct investigations, determine their impact and monitor them until the case is closed.


Our flexible and intuitive workflows drive the incident/event process. Also, practices within the workflow provide the required control and rigor to capture, track, investigate and report on incidents/events impacting your organization.

Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

Establish and monitor your own investigation templates or leverage one of our standard templates to support Fishbone, 5 Whys and other root cause analysis techniques. Critically, this allows in-depth root cause analysis to be monitored, tracked and reported upon.

Sign offs and Endorsements

Sign offs and endorsements can be built into the workflows with notifications sent at appropriate times to managers, meaning the correct levels of governance are followed at all times.


Corrective and preventive action plans can be created and assigned to responsible people and completion dates can be set with progress monitored. This in turn enhances accountability and ensures your organization is working towards the required timescales to effectively investigate, manage and close off critical incidents/events.

Dashboarding and reporting

A variety of visually impressive in-built dashboards and reports allow users at all levels to scrutinize the data, making informed decisions and judgments on current performance so much easier.

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Relationships between incidents/events, audits, controls and other GRC content can be formed to construct an effective and detailed web of data, allowing you to deeply understand the causal factors behind events within your business.

Training and e-learning

Tailored packages can help guide staff through the journey of capturing, tracking, investigating and reporting on incidents and events that impact your organization. This can include linkages to SCORM content and immersive media.

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