Let us set your organisation up for success

Interested in a customer success package?


Let us set your organisation up for success

Interested in a customer success package?


Enterprise Deployment
Partner with a dedicated Customer Success Consultant to design key process, on board teams, data and effectively deploy cammsrisk across your organisation.

Onboarding Consultation
If your are looking to give your team a head start with cammsrisk we’ll help you establish your first workflows and data providing your team with meaningful training so they can hit the ground running.

CAMMS College
Sign up to a face to face or online accreditation course led by our Customer Success Managers and Consultants.

If you’re interested in purchasing an onboarding package


Meet a few of our Customer Success Consultants

We are passionate about governance, risk and compliance,
(Yes, really!) and we are here to make your onboarding experience as smooth as possible.

Jarred Thomas

Jarred is a passionate consultant who runs trainings and designs process flows for large enterprise He helps organisations get the most out of their GRC data across the cammsrisk platform making sure that teams have the skills to be able to succeed.

Kate Adamson

Kate loves working with customers to discover how cammsrisk can help them optimise their organisations process and help their team achieve their objectives. Kate’s strength is navigating intricate processes and implementing intuitive fixes.

Lachy Collins

Communication and organisation are Lachy’s greatest assets. Lachy’s works with teams to understand, document and implement complex frameworks that support global business operations. Lachy develops relationships with customers that last.

Ensure a successful rollout with a cammsrisk consultation

Partner with a cammsrisk Customer Success Consultant to define your objectives, design your framework and train you to succeed.

We’ve worked with organisations around the globe to help them rollout cammsrisk. We understand that getting started with cammsrisk often means changing how your team reports, communicates and ultimately how you work.
Let us help your team get meaningful results quickly.

We’ll help you achieve

Kick-off Call
Align your teams objectives and build an understanding of key process to be implemented in cammsrisk

We’ll work with you to generate a customised and meaningful plan to assist your rollout strategy

Design Workshop
Identify framework solutions in cammsrisk and develop a detailed strategy for team and organisational onboarding

Train your team on key features and your framework so that everyone can hit the ground running

Interested in a customer success package?

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